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pic of tim madisonHi, my name is Tim Madison and I'm a full-stack PHP Web Developer. I have been a web developer for about 12 years and I love what I do. Along with PHP I'm also proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL. Soon I'll be creating a YouTube channel to share my knowledge of web development with others. I'm doing this because I've seen so many novice developers getting bad advice on places like YouTube and Facebook groups, and I want to help beginning web developers get a good foundation in web dev technologies. So keep checking back to learn when I start the YouTube channel if you're interested in learning.

I currently work for a midwest tire company creating internal web applications with PHP. I have also created a cross-platform mobile app for my current employer using React Native.

website cover pic with image of tim and icons for web dev symbolsA little about this website. This website was programmed from scratch with OOP PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I also used Bootstrap, in creating the front-end, which is a toolkit for making modern responsive websites. Although I used Bootstrap to assist with the front end, I can code from scratch everything you see on this site, and dynamically. However, all professionals use the tools at their disposal in order to complete projects in a timely efficient manner. Bootstrap is just that, a tool. When used properly it can be an invaluable tool in front end development.

image of word blog as textBe sure to check out my Blog as I post articles to help others with web development. Blog posts and categories will be displayed on the blog page with the latest post also posted at the bottom of the home page.