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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL

I am full stack developer and I'm very proficient with the above listed languages, and have been using them for 12 years. I also have experience in creating cross-platform mobile applications using React Native, a JavaScript framework for creating native cross-platform apps.

3 Degrees in Information Technology

I hold the following degrees in IT:

  • Bachelor of Science - Software Developer.
  • Associates Degree - Programmer/Analyst.
  • Associates Degree - Web & Digital Media.

Position: Full-Stack Developer

I currently work as a full-stack developer for a midwest tire company. I create internal web applications using PHP, MySQL, SQL, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. I have also developed a mobile application with React Native for my current employer. Previous work includes being a web developer for a multi-billion dollar retail corporation.

Most Recent Blog Post

Mobile First Web Development

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Mobile first web development should be every web developers focus when creating new websites. But for some reason, this concept is not being taught enough to novice developers. In this article I discuss why having a mobile first mindset when developing a website is critical in being a professional web developer.

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